New Movie Releases: 2017

This year had been packed with new movies to watch. Here are a few that I want to watch: Wonder Woman Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2 Spider-Man: Homecoming Transformers: The Last Knight Despicable Me: 3 Now, everyone has heard of all of these movies, if you haven't sorry but you've been living under a rock,... Continue Reading →


My Favourite Movies

My all time FAVOURITE movies are: -All of the Fast and Furious movies -All of the Transformer movies -Captain America: Civil War -Ghostbusters (2016) -The Little Mermaid -Pocahontas -Mulan I really like all of these movies because I have had different memories watching them all. The first time I watched Pocahontas I was in awe... Continue Reading →

Review: Finding Dory

Finding Dory is the sequel to the classic Finding Nemo, but it was just as good! My favorite part of this movie was when the 'septapus' was driving the van and failed! I think everyone can agree with me when I say baby Dory is just the cutest.   I was so sad when Dory... Continue Reading →

Review: Fast and Furious 8

I am a big Fast and Furious fan, I have all of the movies on DVD and once I watched them all in one day! #bingewatch This new movie had a lot of comedy than the others but it was just as good. Dominic Torero (the main character) and the rest of his crew are... Continue Reading →

Review: Moana

This movie was enjoyable to watch, it was mainly for young children as it is animated. I watched this movie with my younger sister as she really wanted to go see it.     I found this movie interesting because there were morals in it, one of them being: boundaries are meant to be broken.... Continue Reading →

Review: Transformers Age of Extinction

I love Transformer movies I actually watched all 4 in one day! #bingewatch. This is the 4th Transformer movie and I thought it would be the last but there is a new movie called: Transformers: The Last Knight (which I also want to watch). This is the movie in a nutshell: After a life-changing battle,... Continue Reading →

Why am I writing this blog?

You may all be asking yourselves, 'Why am I looking at this blog, when there are so many more movie blogs out there?' Well the answer is... my blog is like no other, I will just write (or type, I'm not picky) the truth and nothing but the truth! I will always be honest about... Continue Reading →

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