Why am I writing this blog?

You may all be asking yourselves, ‘Why am I looking at this blog, when there are so many more movie blogs out there?’ Well the answer is… my blog is like no other, I will just write (or type, I’m not picky) the truth and nothing but the truth! I will always be honest about something I am passionate about (movies being one of those few things) no matter how much trouble I get into (usually A LOT!). And because I enjoy watching movies and reading the movies to the books and vice versa.

I am just your average, normal teenager (I think…) and I love absolutely love watching movies. Every Friday and Saturday I sit down with my family and watch a movie whether its old or new, classic or down right rubbish, and we enjoy it no matter what that is what I love about movies, they bring people and families together and put all differences beside us.

Movies also let us escape from everyday life and enjoy the magical things that is movies. Oh my, I have become so sentimental! *cringe* Anyway…I think I may have mentioned that I absolutely LOVE watching movies. Oh wait I have!

I hope you enjoy reading my blog, please do not forget to leave comments or your thoughts about a movie that I have reviewed. I would love to hear from you.

– Girl Movie Manic


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