Review: Fast and Furious 8

I am a big Fast and Furious fan, I have all of the movies on DVD and once I watched them all in one day! #bingewatch

This new movie had a lot of comedy than the others but it was just as good.

Dominic Torero (the main character) and the rest of his crew are reunited till Cipher (a baddy BOOOOOOO!) takes him to the dark side (OMG). It is up to the rest of his crew to help him.

The reason I love this movie so much is because 1) The cars and 2) In my mind it sends out a message which is: family, never turn your back on family and never leave them.

I was so shocked when Dom found out he had a son, but then I was really sad when Elena was shot.

My absolute favourite part of the movie was when Owen Shaw (a former baddy) rescued the baby and when Dom and his crew were reunited once more.

If you have not seen this movie I have then just ruined it for (spoilers), but you seriously need to go and watch it here is the official trailer:



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