Review: Finding Dory

Finding Dory Official Movie Poster.jpg

Finding Dory is the sequel to the classic Finding Nemo, but it was just as good!

My favorite part of this movie was when the ‘septapus’ was driving the van and failed! I think everyone can agree with me when I say baby Dory is just the cutest.


I was so sad when Dory was lost, a little fish all by herself in the big, bad sea #melodramatic.

This is a great movie to watch for families and for basically all ages because ‘Finding Nemo’ was such a big hit that would be why everyone would be crazy to see the sequel.

There is nothing bad about this movie…..wait…..let me think…..OH!…..if I could change this movie I would make Dory find her parents quicker because half of the movie was her searching (but I suppose we would all search our whole lives for our parents). It was so sweet when Dory was (finally!) reunited with her family, especially the way they found each other.

The song she sang while searching was pure motivational ‘Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming……’ I loved it!

I would definitely, 100%, recommend this movie to all ages. I give this movie 4/5 stars. What do you think about this Disney Pixar movie? Have you seen it?

Official Finding Dory trailer:


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