Review: Moana

This movie was enjoyable to watch, it was mainly for young children as it is animated. I watched this movie with my younger sister as she really wanted to go see it.

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I found this movie interesting because there were morals in it, one of them being: boundaries are meant to be broken. This is because if Moana never left her island in Hawaii she would’ve never restored the heart of te fiti.

My favorite part of this movie was when Moana tried to give the heart of te fiti back to Te Fiti and then succeeded in her mission. Another part of this movie I enjoyed was when Maui’s tattoos were dancing and it looked amazing because wouldn’t be awesome if tattoos could do that in reality.


Moana’s parents were very reluctant to let Moana save their island, who wouldn’t, the point is that her parents love her and they did not want her to get hurt. The sad part of the movie was when Moana’s Grandmother died, but it was very touching to see that she was still looking out for Moana.

This is the official movie trailer:


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