My Favourite Movies

My all time FAVOURITE movies are:

-All of the Fast and Furious movies

-All of the Transformer movies

-Captain America: Civil War

-Ghostbusters (2016)

-The Little Mermaid



I really like all of these movies because I have had different memories watching them all. The first time I watched Pocahontas I was in awe because its definitely not like any other Disney princess movie.

The Fast and the Furious movies are also my favourite because there is a lot of action in these movies. Out of them all, I would have to say, the 5th Fast and Furious is the best. Others may disagree but thats my personal opinion.

I enjoyed watching the new Ghostbusters movie because the main characters were girls, which makes a statement saying that girls can do anything boys can do, maybe even better!

I would 100% recommend all of these movies. Maybe some people will have to wait till they are old enough to watch some. But they are all worth watching.

Comment what your favourite movie is. I would love to hear from you.


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